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User intent is the most important aspect of any SEO strategy and there are a number of elements that change between mobile and desktop searchers just because of the advice that they are using.

With user intent based on which devices used will change based on your market, industry, and customer base.

You can assume that mobile customers are often closer to the transactional phase, while desktop users are closer to the informational phase.

Since mobile customers are searching for an answer or solution on their mobile phone, you can assume that they are likely looking for a local option.

There are customers who are searching for desktop often do not have a specific location in mind.

Conversions also differ between mobile and desktop searchers. Your audience on mobile devices are more likely to call by simply tapping on your phone number when it appears on your site or the Local Map Pack selection in SERPs. On the other hand, desktop customers are more likely to send an email or submit a contact form.

Consider a differences between user intent as you optimize your content for mobile search today.
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