SEO Optimization Part 2: Handling the Technical SEO First

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So in the last post we covered the main functions of search engine and how it influenced the need for SEO. In this post, I’m going to cover ways that you can optimize your site using technical SEO. Technical SEO can get pretty complex.There’s a lot of depth in this topic, but knowing everything isn’t necessary for you as a marketer. You only need to focus on making sure your good with the main fundamentals of website performance. These include things like hosting, page speeds and file sizes.Let’s go over some small – but powerful – actionable steps that you can take to dramatically impact your ranking in the search engine. The majority will be focused around optimizing for Google (because it accounts for 90% of all online search traffic). You can use this post as checklist.Tick off the steps you’ve already taken with your site and take action on the ones you haven’t. Here are the tips: Last year Google updated their algorithm to favour sites that are mobile friendly. . . . . . . . .

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