Searcher Intent and SEO

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Matching searcher intent for a a keyword phrase is perhaps the most overlooked part of search optimization. What do we mean by searcher intent? Matching what the person typing a search phrase into Google expects to see inthe search results.

Have you ever noticed that some Google searches have only informational results on the first page? And some searches have mostly shopping results? Other search phrases could be current news, or maybe contain a video carousel?

That is because the searcher intent is different for different search phrases.

Without understanding the searcher intent for each keyword phrase, you cannot create content that matches to that intent.

You can’t swim upstream, or go against the grain when it comes to ranking vs. searcher intent.

The best way to gauge searcher intent for a given keyword phrase is see what appears on Page One of Google for that phrase. This is something we do in initial SEO audits for clients — assessing search intent for major keywords — so we can create or reposition content to match intention with satisfying content.


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