On Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course

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On page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training

Main root keyword
Variation of that root keyword
Suffix & Prefix to keyword
Semantically related keyword

On page
No Duplicate Content
Canonical tag to handle duplicate content within your website
Make other website should not copy your content (Copy escape, Google Author Tag, Google+)

Use keyword

Complete Ad copy to get maximum click = higher CTR=(click/impression)*100
Meta Title
Meta Desc

Page Heading (H1, H2, h3….H6)
Standout Keyword old/Italic/Underline/
Image Optimization
– Image Name
– Image Alt Tag
– Image Desc
– Image Caption
– Image Near By text
– Image size
– Image Width
– Image Dimension
– Image load time

Keyword at the end of the page
Keyword in Paragraph heading
Keyword in Listing heading
variety of content format – Text. video. audio, Image, pornographic, PPTs, PDFs
Number of pages on website
Content Freshness
Quality of the content
– time Spend on your website
– Bounce rate
– No. page Views per visitor
– User generated Content (Comment)
Frequency of content Update

Social response of your content
Local optimization of your website (google map, Google my business, Rating & reviews)
Mobile Optimize website (Responsive, Separate version of Your mobile)
Page Load time
Personal SEO – people should marked it their bookmark
Easy Information Navigation
Contact Us (NAME, ADDRESS, Phone Number – Email, Chating, Social,Location Map)
Privacy policy

How google Establish the Relevancy
1. Keyword Presence on the website
2. Back link your website has received from Other Relevant and Authority website

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