How To Keyword Research For Content Silos – Advanced SEO Marketing Website Strategy

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Search engines rank webpages based on the relevancy to a particular search term that online users search for.

If you want to drive qualified traffic to your site, then you need to rank in search engines based on the relevance of your content and other factors.

Relevance goes beyond just the content on an individual page because search engines also consider a number of onsite and offsite factors to determine the best content on the Internet.

How do you organize content on your site? Provide search engines contextual information about pages. Search engines also use internal links as a signal to great content on your site.

The keywords that you use on each page, plus the anchor text use to connect internal pages can make a big difference on the authority of your pages.

Since keywords help rank pages, you should use tight groupings of keywords on your site in content silos. Before you conduct keyword research or build content silos, you should think about the themes and search terms that you are currently ranking for. Use content silos today to organize your website and start ranking on Google.

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