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Today we go over everything about Ecommerce SEO. Learn how to create blog content that sells your ecommerce products from your online store. With Shopify, you can easily import your products into your WordPress blog with a simple HTML buy button. By creating a WordPress blog, and selling through your Shopify store, you have the ultimate ecommerce combination.

With this strategy, you are targeting keywords and organic SEO search traffic from Google, and driving those people to your website. Once on your website, you provide them with a ton of helpful value through blog posts in order to lead them to the right products for their needs.

There is no need to only rely on Amazon Affiliates for product recommendations in many different niches. With this Amazon Affiliates alternative, you can increase your profit margin by a long shot. Instead, you can supply and sell these products to people who are searching on Google and find your own ecommerce online store. This will multiply your business revenue 10x.

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  1. zukais M says:

    Yup, people are so hung up in FB ads they forget all about the oceans of free traffic out there. I might have to make a video on this too.

  2. Live 2 Survive says:

    I love these explanation and tutorial videos.

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